Prices and packages

I believe pricing should be simple for everyone. The shoot = $50/hr/person, capped at $150/hr. The edits = $1/per digital image. That's it. That way we can focus on the experience together.

Sometimes though, we'll introduce specials and deals. For instance, a half shoot would be $25 + $1 per photo of your choosing, including 30 minutes of shooting and one outfit.

Full shoots are $50 + $1 per photo of your choosing, and includes 1 hour of shooting and 2-3 outfit changes.

Engagements are $125 + $1 per photo of your choosing besides what comes in the package. The package includes 1 hour of shooting, 2-3 outfit changes, and 50 photos.

Families or groups of 3 or more are $150 + $1 per photo after what is included in the package. Family/Group packages include no time limit, 3 group portraits, 2 individual portraits for each member, 1 couple/siblings portrait.

Contact us to schedule your shoot!