Photography has been such a blessing in my life. One of my greatest goals as a photographer and growing my business is making people feel beautiful and helping people recognize the beauty that they have. There is so much hate in the world and a lot of that comes from ourselves. I love what I do and want to continue to meet new and wonderful people!! Don’t forget to dm to set up a shoot!! And tell someone they are beautiful today :)
Take a trip to the city
Sandy daydreams 💭 ✨
Mr. Sandman✨
Can you say baby fever 😍😍
Don’t forget about my back to school deals that are going on through the entire month of august!! Be sure to schedule a shoot!
My face when I announced the back to school deals for the entire month of august You guys these deals are truly amazing and I’m so excited! Just a reminder $15 for 15 pics for an hour of shooting individuals with 2-3 outfit changes $35 for 45 pics for an hour of shooting couples with 2-3 outfit changes $50 for 55 pics for an hour of shooting families or groups of 3 or more ‼️make sure you are following and you tag two to three people on one of my posts to be eligible for the deal‼️ Remember to schedule your shoots ASAP! Dm me to schedule or for more info
A couple more from today because these girls are drop dead gorgeous!! I’m so lucky to be apart of their family 💕
Today I had the honor to take pictures for the most amazing toy company a modern toy company handmade in Utah that is dedicated to bring families together Their toys are beautiful and perfect for everyone
Raise your hand if you are excited for the weekend! Make sure you guys are following lookout for the new deals coming tomorrow august first!
So um... I have officially met the coolest people on the planet!! Yesterday was so much fun!!
These give me pride and prejudice vibes and I’m in love We had so much fun this morning Make sure to also check out @anikaauman to see more! It was absolutely worth the lack of sleep!
🤩⛰ Fun fact about me, my happy place is definitely the mountains
Yesterday could not have been better!! First of all I got to take pictures of these beautiful people who are so cute In the most beautiful place and then it started to rain while there wasn’t a dark cloud in site, I tripped and fell and got a super fun shot mid fall super grateful for days like yesterday
Get ready for more of these because I can’t get over how breathtaking these girls are @malayakennedyy @anikaauman @brinlie.mei21 @e_m_m_a_b_u_t_l_e_r
Ahh Becas big beautiful eyes kill me! Can you say STUNNING 😍🔥
Spending time with these beauties was the perfect way to end an incredible week!
The amount of times I yelled slay queen slay is unreal
Quick little thing about these two. I could not be more happy for a couple! These guys are the best example of love and if I could wish anything for anyone it would be to have as much love for the people in their life as Dane and Taylor do for each other Taylor was one of the first people who inspired me to want to be better at photography! I am so beyond grateful to know these people and am so excited for them!
Can I just say... WOW 🤩 Had so much fun today!!
Watermelon sugar high 🍉
Ohhh my goodness!!! 😍😍 I’m obsessed!!! This cute girl is so amazing and beautiful inside and out!!
“A good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you” These cute girls are such great friends!! I’m so excited to hear what happens on their next adventure!!
Last night was literally a dream working with these two! They were up to try anything I asked 💕
I am looking for some models to help me out this weekend! This weekend Friday through Sunday July 24-26 I am going to be doing free shoots for anyone/ group that is interested in helping me grow my following and my business the only thing that I ask is after you have received your photos and enjoy them, you share them on your own Instagram page and tag me and let your family and friends know who I am And that’s it!
I really am so blessed with the beautiful family that I have I’m not going to lie and say life is easy especially right now but being able to take a minute to be grateful for all of the many amazing people that are in my life sure do make things a lot better
And can not forget about these 😍 I mean come on!! @grace_warnock_
I can not tell you how much fun we had today!! 😍😍 @rikipoulsen Thanks for letting me tag along and get some shots! @anikaauman
Is this for real 🤤😍 @e_m_m_a_b_u_t_l_e_r